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Zipcar Sale & Vouchers in Malaysia

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More about Zipcar

About Zipcar

Zipcar is the world s leading car-sharing network. They provide on-demand access to cars by the hour or the day in cities and campuses around the globe. With Zipcar, customers can reserve wheels when they want them, by the hour or day, and only pay for the time they drive.
Zipcar covers gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance for a potential savings of $600 a month over car ownership. This service is the perfect complement to the bus and train—whether it s local errands or weekend adventures.
ilar services include Expedia and

History of Zipcar

The company was founded almost two decades ago by founders Robin Chase and Antje Danielson, while in a café in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They wanted to bring the European car-sharing idea to North America. Once the wheels were in motion, it was only a matter of time before some major changes helped grow our little car-sharing company into the world s leading car-sharing network. Today, thanks to a member-driven user experience, a focus on innovative technology, and an amazing team of hands-on car-sharing enthusiasts, Zipcar is redefining the way the world thinks about alternative transportation.
Car sharing seems like a simple enough idea, but there s a reason Zipcar has become the leader of cars on demand. It s not just about fewer cars and reducing congestion and pollution; it s about finding sustainable solutions.

How to become a Zipcar member

Applying at Zipcar is extremely easy. All you need is to be 21 or older (18 if a student) and have a valid driver s license.
Step 1: Select the membership plan that fits best for your lifestyle—from as low as $7 per month.

Step 2: Zipcar will verify your driver license, which typically takes 1 business day but in some cases may take a bit longer.
Step 3: Once approved, get a Zipcard by mail in 3-7 days. Once you activate it, you re ready to hit the road.

How to reserve a Zipcar

Zipcar has two easy ways for you to reserve. To reserve using your mobile device just download the free iPhone or Android app. You can also reserve online through the Zipcar website, just be sure to have your phone when you drive in case you need to extend. When reserving you will be able to choose your car, time frame, and pick-up location. In case you have a Zipcar discount code or Zipcar voucher code, be sure to apply it while booking to take advantage of the discounted prices.
Reservation Timeframes
You can reserve a Zipcar for as little as one hour or as long as 14 days at a time. Whether it s a quick shopping trip or a full week of freedom, you can book in half-hour increments.
When booking, keep in mind that your Zipcar is available for others to reserve before and after your reservation. Make sure to give yourself enough time so that you don t impact another member s trip if you get caught in traffic.
In case you arrive at the Zipcar a little early, we have you covered. If the vehicle is not in an existing reservation, you can scan in up to 14 minutes early without incurring any additional charges.
Hourly, Daily and Overnight Rates

Hourly and Daily Rates
Zipcar offers different rates for drivers to choose from based on their requirement. The hourly rate is the base cost when reserving a Zipcar and the daily rate is the maximum reservation cost for a 24-hour period. Select the time you want to pick up and drop off the Zipcar and you will get the best deal and Zipcar discount depending on how long you reserve.
Keep in mind that the daily rate doesn t necessarily mean you have the vehicle for a full day; you ll still need to return your Zipcar by the end of your reservation time.
Hourly-Only Zipcars
The company also has some cars that can only be reserved by the hour. When the daily rate appears as N/A on the reservation page, there isn t a day rate available.
Overnight Rate
Many cities have a Zipcar promotion “Overnight Rate” for reservations between 6pm and 8:30am. Please note that if you scan into your Zipcar before 6pm or extend your reservation beyond 8:30am the Overnight Rate will no longer apply.

Payment options at Zipcar

The accepted forms of payment in the US are:
· Credit card
· Debit card
In Canada, Zipcar accepts credit cards and only debit Visa cards. Please note that Zipcar does not accept prepaid cards.
How reservations are billed
When you make a reservation, a hold is temporarily placed on your credit card for the cost of the reservation in case you decide to cancel or make any changes. After 30 minutes Zipcar will bill your credit card. Any driving credit on the account will automatically apply at the time the reservation is billed. Changes to your reservation after this point will be billed immediately.
Additional charges during your trip (such as mileage, fees, or extensions) will be billed at the end of your reservation. Any toll charges or traffic violations will be added as a pending charge to your account and will bill on your monthly settlement date. As these types of fees are sent to Zipcar after the reservation, the charges may not appear until several weeks after the reservation has occurred.
Please be sure to have the correct credit card on file before booking as the company is not able to move charges to a different card. You can view all charges on your account by logging in to Zipcar and going to my stuff > my statement to view your statement.

Zipcar deals and promotional offers

A great promotion or offer is always a wonderful way to start your experience at a new place and Zipcar does not disappoint. They offer a variety of deals and Zipcar promo offers for new and existing customers that make car sharing all the more fun and economical. Start a free trial with the company and enjoy some hugely discounted prices. You can also sign up to the company s promotional emails for updates on the latest Zipcar coupon codes and offers.

Zipcar cashback and deals on ShopBack Malaysia

Customers booking their ride on Zipcar can enjoy several additional discounts when they book via ShopBack. Here, one can not only view any available Zipcar code, but also get additional cashback with every purchase through ShopBack. Some of the offers have been listed below:

OfferShopBack DealTerms and Conditions
Membership OfferUp to RM13 cashbackZipcar Promo: Sign up for Membership on Zipcar from Only US$7/Month Zipcar T&Cs apply

How to book on Zipcar using ShopBack

ShopBack offers up to RM13 cashback on various items if you book on Zipcar. Here are the steps you need to follow to earn cashback from ShopBack:
Step 1: Visit the ShopBack website and click on the Zipcar store at the bottom of the homepage. You can also use the search box to find the link to the store.
Step 2: Click on “Activate Cashback” button on the top left corner of the page.
Step 3: Look for the latest Zipcar promo code or coupon code in the Zipcar voucher codes, discount codes and coupons section.
Step 4: You will be redirected to the Zipcar website to browse and select the items.
Step 5: When you place the order, you will be eligible to earn cashback from ShopBack. The cashback rates differ based on product categories and based on whether you are a new or an existing customer.

Important information for your Zipcar trip

Starting Your Reservation
Once you reserve, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on finding where your Zipcar is. You can also find these same details on your mobile app by clicking ‘See where I live when looking at your current trip.
Unlocking your Zipcar
At the time of your reservation, hold your Zipcard against the card reader on the windshield. Hold it steady for a few seconds, the scanner will turn green, and the doors will unlock.

Once you ve scanned in, you can then use your Zipcard or phone to lock and unlock the doors throughout your reservation. Do not use the key to lock and unlock; the key should always remain inside the vehicle.
It is important to inspect your Zipcar at the beginning of your reservation and report any issues through the mobile app or by calling the team at 1-866-4ZIPCAR.
Parking location instructions
After reserving your Zipcar, you can find location details in your confirmation email, through the mobile app, or on the website. These details will include instructions and pictures to help you locate and access your Zipcar. There will also be information on parking passes and codes.
Garage attendants
Some Zipcars are parked at garages with valets. Valets will have their own special Zipcard that they should be using to bring you the car. After they ve brought you the car, make sure you scan in and out by holding your Zipcard over the card reader in the windshield - even if the doors are already unlocked or open. This is how the company will know for sure when you ve started and ended your reservation. Do a quick inspection of the vehicle to report any issues, just as you would with a Zipcar in another location.
Some garages request that you call prior to your reservation. If this applies to your reservation, you ll see a note and the garage s phone number on your reservation confirmation page.
Cell reception
Some underground garages may have poor cell reception, so if you are having trouble getting into the Zipcar be sure to hold your Zipcard on the scanner for a few extra seconds.
Ending your reservation
Leave the Zipcar ready for the next member by taking all your belongings (and trash) with you and leaving at least a 1/4 tank of gas. The company relies in its members to keep the Zipcars in good condition and ready for the next member.
Returning the Zipcar
Return your Zipcar to its home location or as instructed in your confirmation details. Directions are available in the mobile app. If you re dropping off at a location that has more than one reserved Zipcar space, any of them will do. If a non-Zipcar is occupying the spot, give customer support a call and they will tell you where to park.
Finishing the reservation
Lock the doors with your Zipcard (or use the mobile app, if you don t have a Zipcard). As long as you ve returned on time at the correct location, and you ve left the car clean, with at least 1/4 tank of gas – you re good to go. You will receive an email in a few hours with your final trip details.

How to cancel a Zipcar reservation

If you need to cancel your reservation you can do so through either the mobile app or online under My Account > My Reservations. You can always cancel or change your reservation up to 30 minutes after booking at no charge.
Cancellation without charge timeframe:
For reservations less than 8 hours long: you have up to 3 hours before the start time.
For reservations that are 8 hours or longer: you have to do it at least 24 hours in advance.
Please note, if you don t cancel or shorten within the required timeframe, you re responsible for the full amount of the reservation.

Membership plan options

Zipcar has several membership options to fit your needs. The standard plans are the Occasional Driving Plan at $70 per year and the Monthly Plan at $7 per month.
If you know you will be driving a lot you can also choose the Extra Value Plan where you pay a monthly fee (starting at $50 a month) and in return get that amount back in driving credit and receive a discount on driving rates. In some metros, there will be additional local offers.
If you re already a member you can find more information on available plans in your metro by going to my stuff > my account. Under the ‘my membership section, you can click on the orange ‘Change my plan button to view your options.

How to close your account

You can close your Zipcar account at any time through the Help Centre. To do so, please follow the instructions below. Please review the following before closing your account:
If you have a monthly or annual membership plan, your account will remain open until your current renewal date, which will be referenced in your confirmation email.
Zipcar is unable to provide a partial or full refund of any damage fee waiver or membership fee after the first 30 days. If you decide to cancel your membership within 30 days following approval, the membership fee can be refunded.
Any additional drivers on your account will also be closed. You are always able to remove additional drivers on your account by clicking my stuff, then my account.
If you have a remaining balance on your account, it will be charged or credited to your credit card on file when your account is closed.
Steps to close your account:
· Login to your Zipcar account here
· Once logged in click here to start the process to close your account.

6 simple rules when using a Zipcar

1. Inspect your Zipcar inside and out. Report damage, a dirty car, or low fuel so Zipcar knows it wasn t you.
2. Take personal belongings with you when you go, and throw away or recycle any trash.
3. Always leave at least 1/4 tank. Gas card instructions are on the back of your Zipcard.
4. No smoking, not even with all the windows down or all the doors open. Members will be charged a fee for the cost of cleaning.
5. Pets need to be kept in a pet carrier at all times.
6. Don t leave the next member hanging. Be on time (and avoid a $50 late fee). Text or use the app to extend your reservation.

Contact the Zipcar support team

In case you require any assistance, you can get in touch with customer care at 1-866-4ZIPCAR
Also, follow the brand on social media for latest deals and exclusive offers.