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More about Koyara

Settle all your health needs with online store - Koyara!

Koyara is Malaysia’s largest online natural health store that brings you the best organic products at affordable prices! Whether you are looking for organic products during your pregnancy or planning to switch to natural haircare and skincare products, you can easily find it on Koyara. Moreover, unlike the common misconception that organic products are expensive, it is definitely not the case for Koyara. Their extensive range of natural and organic products are all priced at pocket-friendly prices. Additionally, Koyara offers regular deals and promotions as well, ensuring that you can get your health fix without having to burn a hole in your pocket!

Shop from numerous notable health brands and organic products

There are no doubt numerous heath brands and organic products in the market out there. However, here on Koyara, you can expect only the best and reputable brands of health products. Some of the top brands that you can find on Koyara includes skincare brand Himalaya Herbal, Kaia Naturals as well as other health brands such as Nushine, MommyJ Healthy, Original Sprout and more. Furthermore, Koyara makes it extremely affordable and convenient for you to shop for these health products. With their regular promotions, you can easily purchase these notable health products at discounted prices. Moreover, if you are simply looking to try out a new product, Koyara also gives you free samples with every purchase!

From healthy baby products to organic skincare and cosmetics, you will certainly be spoiled for choice!

The sheer number of health products that Koyara offers are aplenty. Fortunately, Koyara makes it extremely easy for you to shop for the right product to meet your needs. In fact, the available products are narrowed down and categorised so that you can easily search for the products that best suit your needs.

Face & Body: Taking care of your face and body is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Whiten those blemishes and dark spots with the range of face and body products available on Koyara. There are specialised skincare brands the likes of Garden of Eden and Sukin that will certainly leave your skin glowing and healthy. Save on the hefty costs of going for facials by making use of the numerous coupon codes for a home facial instead!

Cosmetics: Putting on makeup no doubt plays an important role in making us feel and look good. However, using the wrong makeup type can leave your skin irritated and troubled particularly if you have sensitive skin as well. Koyara’s extensive range of organic makeup products will certainly take those worries away! From organic BB creams to lipsticks made from natural ingredients, rest assured that these organic makeup products will definitely provide more health benefits as opposed to the other makeup brands!

Organic Food: Switching to healthier and organic food options does not necessarily mean that you have to splurge on expensive superfoods. Whether you are looking for organic tea and coffee or healthy cereals and bread spreads, you can definitely find it on Koyara. Koyara carries a wide selection of organic food and products that are suitable for all budgets. Likewise, you can also make use of the various vouchers and discount codes to enjoy even lower prices on these organic foods as well.

Mother & Baby: If you are in the midst of pregnancy or motherhood, it is important to take extra care of both your health and your baby’s health. Thanks to Koyara, there are plenty of health products that are catered to both pregnant mothers and toddlers as well. If you are worried about the costs involved in welcoming a newborn, fret not! Koyara offers plenty of vouchers and coupon codes, whereby you can enjoy incredible discounts on these baby and pregnancy products.

Halal: Finding Halal organic products is akin to finding a needle in a stack of hay. Thankfully, you do not have to scour numerous online stores or physical departmental stores for Halal organic products. In fact, Koyara has an entire section dedicated to Halal health and organic products. This includes the likes of scar creams, face cleansers, toners and more. Similarly, these Halal organic products are extremely pocket-friendly as well. Alternatively, you can also keep a look out for promotions or make use of coupon codes to enjoy even lower prices!

Choose from a plethora of payment options

Once you have decided on the health and organic products from Koyara, there are plenty of payment options available for you. Koyara uses highly secured payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard and Maybank2U. Alternatively, you can also opt to pay over the counter at 7-Eleven as well.

Love deals? Stay connected with Koyara and be the first to know about any upcoming promotions!

These healthy and affordable organic products will certainly help you get on track to a healthier lifestyle. To enjoy even more discounts and deals on these products from Koyara, simply stay connected with them via Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, you can also sign up to their newsletter and receive exclusive promo and coupon codes too.

Here is how you can enjoy even more incredible savings with coupon codes from ShopBack Malaysia

On top of the incredible deals and discounts that Koyara offers, another great way to enjoy even more savings is to make use of the numerous vouchers from ShopBack Malaysia. In fact, ShopBack Malaysia gives you exclusive Koyara vouchers whereby you will receive 5.0% cashback on your purchases. This fantastic cashback, together with the regular Koyara deals will certainly result in even more savings for you!

Keep to your healthy eating goals with these other merchants on ShopBack Malaysia as well!

If you are looking for more healthier and organic product options, why not check out these other merchants on ShopBack Malaysia as well. Foodsterr, iHerb and LushProtein. Additionally, ShopBack Malaysia gives you vouchers on these merchants so that you can enjoy great discounts on these merchants too. Embark on a healthier lifestyle with Koyara today!