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More about Terapeak

Terapeak - get smart information and detailed research on your growing business.

This is how you get bigger. This is how you get better. With Terapeak, you’re able to get crucial insights on the trajectory of your business - where the demand and supply is - in eBay and, so you as sellers are able to better grow your business at the lowest possible cost. And hence, as you know more of the important stuff, you’re definitely be able to sell more - and grow your profit margin infinitely.

Did we mention that Terapeak (for eBay, especially!) is highly rated and ostensibly featured in publications like TIMES, Forbes and Inc? Yep. They’re a highly acclaimed product that has - time and again - been proven to work effectively, the way products should be.

How to WIN at selling with Terapeak - basically, how to be better at your business with Terapeak.

With the Terapeak free trial - you’ll get to experience a whole new world of selling made easy and effective for you.

Terapeak basically helps you to navigate e-commerce, revealing how products perform and little known online shopping behaviour. Terapeak also makes sense of some of the biggest data sets around to inform about ongoing trends and selling opportunities that matter right now - because, as we know, timing is everything.

Thousands of the world’s most successful sellers rely on Terapeak to discover what products are about to jump off the shelves, what prices to charge, and what their competitors are doing. That’s why you need Terapeak as well!

Annnnnd, this is how you do. Remember to use the Terapeak coupons plus cashback from ShopBack Malaysia to get your programme at the lowest possible price.

  • Find

See thousands of the the hottest products and categories on eBay and Amazon right now, or see how well products and keywords of your own choosing are currently selling, to identify the best opportunities to sell.

  • Evaluate

Get real-world numbers and powerful sales projections for the opportunities you’ve found. Decide what to sell, in what quantities, and at what prices—to maximize returns and to minimize costs and risks.

  • Optimise

Learn from successful sellers by seeing who else sells what you do, how well they’re currently performing, and what strategies they adopt. Score your listings according to key criteria, then optimize them for increased sales.

You can also download the Terapeak app on your iPhone or Android on the App Store or Google Play store, respectively! And this is what you can do with the app.

  • Find a product’s worth ON THE GO!
  • Ensure that you buy profitable products
  • Stay ahead of your competition - and get ‘em market shares quickly and efficiently!

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